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Logistics Business


Logistics Business

Carson Warehouse (U.S.A)
Land Transport

Responding to the increasingly complicated needs of supply chain management with combined sea, air and land transport solutions

Supply-chain optimization, which often involves accessing the most suitable location and quickly responding to market demand amid globalization and fierce market competition, is a significant challenge for our customers. In order to meet such customer needs, the NYK Group offers a comprehensive logistics package that covers sea, land, and air.

In order to provide efficient logistics services and respond to customers' diversifying global logistics needs, NYK operates 447 logistics centers in 38 countries and is capable of providing a variety of transport services by sea, land, and air among a large number of locations around the globe.

At many sites around the world, including numerous in Europe, North America, Asia, and China, NYK offers thorough supply-chain management services that include warehouse storage; processing, such as inspection, sorting, labeling, and repackaging; delivery to designated recipients; milk-runs; VMI (vender managed inventory); and IT-based inventory management. We also provide extensive transport services, such as overland delivery by truck or train, customs brokerage, forwarding, NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) service; origin vender management service; and buyers consolidation. At NYK, we work hard to fulfill customers' logistics needs, and subsequently add more value to supply chains.