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Liquid Transport (LNG)


Liquid Transport (LNG)

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Providing optimal and safe transport to meet the increase of LNG demand and diversification to be the world's No. 1 LNG carrier

NYK entered the LNG transport business in 1983, and this part of the company has since grown in tandem with Japan's gas and electric power companies. Demand for LNG is steadily expanding on a global scale. Gas demand is expected to increase further over the medium- to long-term through increased shale gas production in North America, the development of unconventional gas in many areas, and greater use of LNG.

One of the distinctive features of the LNG transport business includes long-term contracts with customers, usually 15-20 years. Therefore, market fluctuations have very little impact on Liquid Transport (LNG transport), allowing the industry to be a stable source of revenue. Moving forward, we expect that stable transport volumes based on these long-term contracts will continue to generate steady revenue.

As a major carrier of LNG, we are a part of many projects throughout the world, including those in France, Nigeria, and Russia. In fact, we are now striving to be involved in shipments to emerging economies such as China and India, in addition to future new projects centering on Australia, North America, Russia, and Africa.

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