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Car Transport


Car Transport

Large scale car carrier

Offering value-added services with the world's largest car carrier fleet of about 120 vessels and advanced transport technologies

In the automobile transport business, NYK has operated transport services mainly for finished automobiles from Japan to overseas. Recently, NYK has effectively responded to the recent trend in the automobile industry to assemble overseas and customers' demand for trilateral transport. In addition, NYK strives to construct a firm infrastructure by establishing coastal transportation networks in Europe, China, and Southeast Asia, constructing and operating dedicated terminals for finished automobile transport in each area, and investing and developing inland transportation businesses.

NYK has also expanded transportation from overseas to Japan and transportation of heavy construction machines and used cars, and offers value-added services such as pre-distribution inspection (PDI) processing, which includes inspections before final delivery to dealers, supplying parts, and repairing assembled automobiles at terminals.

NYK continues to provide the value-added services to meet customers' demand by operating the world largest fleet-about 120 car carrier vessels.


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