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Bulk Shipping Business

The bulk shipping service including all marine transportation businesses other than the liner trade business. Our safe, high-quality transport services and our global sales and marketing network have earned high evaluations from customers around the world.


Car Transport

We transport cars, develop car terminals, and construct inland transportation networks. [Details]


Dry Bulk Transport

We transport natural resources that are an indispensable part of global economic activity, such as iron ore, coal, and wood-chips. [Details]


Liquid Transport (Crude Oil, Clean Petroleum Product, Chemical and LPG)

We provide transport service for major petroleum companies, petrochemical companies, and energy companies around the world. [Details]


Liquid Transport (LNG)

We work to be the world’s No.1 LNG carrier by allocating our operating fleet to meet LNG demand expansion and diversifying transportation needs. [Details]


Liquid Transport (Offshore Business)

In October 2008, we established the Offshore Business Group, and made an entry into offshore business. [Details]