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November 19, 2018 NYK-TDG Maritime Academy Graduates Its Class of 2018
November 16, 2018 NYK Develops Advance Water-in-Oil Alarm to Prevent Engine Trouble
November 15, 2018 NYK’s Investor Relations Activities Receive Recognition
November 14, 2018 NYK Promotes Decarbonization through Exploratory Design of NYK Super Eco Ship 2050
November 14, 2018 NYK and YLK Jointly Hold Training Program for Staff from around the World
November 13, 2018 NYK Introduced Its Initiatives of Green Bond
November 9, 2018 NYK Group Rescues Yachtsman off the Coast of Western Australia
November 9, 2018 NYK Conducts Maritime Short-term Exchange Program for Students in Japan and the Philippines
November 2, 2018 NYK Welcomes 120 Students to Its Tokyo Container Terminal
October 24, 2018 NYK Holds Annual Dry Bulk Safety Conference
October 22, 2018 NYK PCTC Receives Special Award from the Association for Rescue at Sea
October 18, 2018 Testbed Established for Internet of Ships Open Platform
October 17, 2018 Onboard Sulfur-in-oil Analyzer Developed
October 16, 2018 NYK Develops Original Software That Diagnoses Combustion Chamber Problems
October 15, 2018 NYK Approves Japan Climate Action Summit Declaration
October 9, 2018 NYK Maritime Museum Welcomes 500,000th Visitor
October 9, 2018 NYK Offers Support to Victims of Sulawesi Earthquake in Indonesia
October 5, 2018 Cenotaph Honoring Hirano Maru Sailors Established by UK Volunteer Group
October 3, 2018 New LNG Vessel for Tokyo Gas Named
October 2, 2018 NYK Celebrates Its 133rd Anniversary
October 2, 2018 NYK Concludes Charter Agreement for LNG Carrier with Total
September 28, 2018 KNOT Concludes Time-charter Contract for Two Shuttle Tankers
September 28, 2018 NYK Releases Updated Profile Video
September 27, 2018 NYK Introduces Advanced, Next-generation Ship’s Bridge to Improve Navigation and Reduce Marine Accidents
September 25, 2018 New Wood-chip Carrier for Hokuetsu Corporation Delivered
September 21, 2018 Schoolteachers Spend Two Days in Study at NYK
September 20, 2018 NYK Offers Support to Victims of Hokkaido Earthquake
September 20, 2018 NYK Product Tanker Rescues 28 Fishermen off the Coast of Colombia
September 18, 2018 NYK Participating in Japan Climate Initiative
September 13, 2018 NYK Selected for DJSI for 16th Consecutive Year
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