Action Guidelines

  1. 1Promotion of Employee Involvement in Volunteer Activities
    To strive to develop a flexible and energetic corporate culture that respects diversity and achieves a high sense of integrity by promoting employee involvement in Volunteer activities that expose workers to different values and perspectives.
  2. 2"Investment" in our Future Global Society
    To contribute to the realization of a better global society by widely investing our versatile management resources in society. Areas of investment: activities that support the environment and international contributions and that foster the development of future generations
  3. 3Promotion of Mutual Prosperity and Harmony with Local Communities
    To work in positive manner with local communities toward mutual prosperity and harmony.

In October 2004, we established the Office for Corporate Citizenship (OCC). The OCC is a specialized section which promotes social contribution activities for the NYK.

OCC Logo Mark

The heart illustration expresses sincere contributions which gently wrap the earth with an extended ribbon. The green earth indicates consideration for the environment, while the three different colored ribbons around the earth represent the three Action Guidelines of the OCC. The shape of the heart is a symmetric combination of the two Cs of the OCC, and the circle of the earth is the O of the OCC.