Health and Productivity, Occupational Safety and Health

Promoting Health and Preventing Disease to Increase Corporate Value

We believe that promoting employee health and preventing disease enhances productivity and profitability and, as a result, heightens corporate value. Therefore, in April 2015, the Human Resources Group and the NYK Health Insurance Society collaboratively launched a project that contributes to business management through health promotion. Under this project, we are compiling health checkup results in a database, which we will use to facilitate disease prevention. Also, we plan to hold events to heighten employees' awareness of disease prevention and health. We will support the promotion of health because it underpins the ability of all employees to perform their roles vigorously.

Working on Land

Health and Productivity Promotion Project

Practical skill event by professional trainer
  1. 1Providing guidance from occupational physicians to employees who have a high risk of developing lifestyle-related diseases
  2. 2Inviting trainers of leading athletes to conduct coaching events
  3. 3Ensuring 100% of employees have regular health checkups
  4. 4Providing cancer-related health checkups

Mental Health

To keep working in a healthy and lively manner, we have to be physically and mentally healthy. NYK conducts Internet-based stress checks, which are required by Japan's revised occupational safety and health law. Employees can use this check to realize their own level of stress.
The company stations occupational physicians (full time) and psychiatrists at the company clinic, and consultations by employees or managers and supervisors are possible at all time. There is also a 24/7 system available through the NYK Health Insurance Society for employees and their family members to make appointments with specialists for consultations outside the company.

Employee Safety Management (in the event of a disaster)

The Group has introduced a safety check system to determine employee status at the time of a disaster, such as an earthquake. This enables the company to grasp whether employees can keep working, and if not, the earliest possible action to take.
If an earthquake of magnitude 6 or greater occurs at registered cities and offices in the country, a safety confirmation email will be automatically dispatched from the system to the employees. After receiving the email, employees will report their status and that of their family members, and management of each group can check the safety status of each members through the system. The Group plans to continue periodic safety confirmation drills to remain prepared for an emergency.

Working at Sea

Communication with Seafarers and their Family Members

To enhance communication with seafarers on board and their family members, the Group holds seafarers assemblies in many areas. We strengthen our correspondence with seafarers family associations by sharing information regarding seafarers, as well as providing family consultations on topics such as education for children.

Family gatherings

Onboard Health Management Promotion Project

Under the belief that enhancement of crew health will heighten productivity and lead to safe vessel operation, the Group launched a health management promotion project for seafarers in December 2016. In this project, a specific goal along with clear necessary actions to achieve the goal are established and encouraged of all crews at safety campaigns* held twice every year. In 2016, the goal was set to for all crew members to attain BMI scores under 25. The three necessary steps to achieve this goal were to (1) review eating habits, (2) enhance physical exercise, and (3) cultivate a tolerance of mental stress. These steps along with the goal were introduced to the crews through fliers during the safety campaigns. NYK will proactively support health promotion of the seafarers so that they can actively work on board in good spirit.

  1. *Safety campaigns
    We hold safety campaigns twice a year, in summer and winter. Summer campaigns are based on the lessons learned from the stranding of the very large crude-oil carrier (VLCC) Diamond Grace in Tokyo Bay in 1997. Winter campaigns mainly focus on preventing marine accidents, including those resulting from rough winter weather.

Onboard Safety

Managing crew health is inevitable for safe vessel operation, so the Group conducts periodic health checks of the crews onboard in addition to regular health checkups prior to boarding the vessel. Also, by confirming the safety of the onboard environment via activities such as an onboard safety committee, NAV9000, and Near Miss 3000, the Group encourages the improvement of crew safety awareness, and this leads to fewer injuries and fatalities. By gathering and analyzing data of disasters and diseases, also that of Near Miss 3000, we grasp the status of occurrence and verify the effectiveness of safety activities to connect them to further improvement.

Reported crew member injuries and illnesses

Acquisition of Maritime Labor Convention Certificate

To comply with the ILO Maritime Labor Convention (MLC), the Group prepares MLC certificates for all its operating vessels. Our original safety standard, NAV9000, requires and confirms compliance with main international conventions such as SOLAS, STCW, MARPOL, and MLC, and strives for the improvement of onboard work and safety.