Field Trip to Container Terminal

NYK Group hosts elementary and junior high school field trips on ships and at container terminals around the world. NYK Group staff members act as teachers for extracurricular education that provides opportunities for the children to experience and learn things that are unavailable in the classroom.

Field Trip to Oi Container Terminal

After watching a video about container transport, students go to the building roof to observe the container yard*1 where the containers are go stored, and a containership at berth. They see gantry crane and container under cargo handling. They can learn how everyday items around them are carried. The world of international logistics is very close to our living.

Below are some interesting questions received from the students.

Q: How many people work at the terminal?

A: About 100 to 150 people work there every day.

Q: How do you lift a container? By magnet?

A: A crane spreader, which is used to lift a container, has four twistlocks that lock to each of the four top-corners of a container.

Q: How many containers are there in the world?

A: We cannot even guess. Around the world, there are so many terminals similar to the Oi Container Terminal. Moreover, containerships sailing the world's oceans are carrying many others. At only the Oi Container Terminal, there are about 7,000 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units; 5.9 m × 2.3 m × 2.3 m).

Q: How many tatami mats would fit in the Oi Container Terminal?

A: About 170,000 tatami mats (about 275,000 sq. meters = about five times the size of Tokyo Dome).

  1. *1the container yard
    Container yard: a place for storing containers