Systems and Programs

A variety of systems and programs have been introduced to encourage NYK Group staff members to engage in volunteer activities based on the Principles of NYK's Social Contribution Activities and Action Guidelines.

NYK Introduces Volunteer Point System

NYK has introduced a volunteer point system to encourage employees to participate in activities that contribute to society.

Points are granted for each form of contribution made by employees, and NYK then tallies the points, converts them to a monetary amount, and makes donations in that amount to charities. Moreover, the system is used to recognize top volunteers every year to inspire greater activism.

Matching Gift Program

Matching gift program is a program under which NYK provides an additional contribution proportional to the contributions made by employees to an NPO or similar organization.

Volunteer Portal Site

NYK established "the volunteer portal site" in August, 2016 . The site supplies information about volunteer activities and volunteer groups that are supported by the OCC. Volunteer activities include events that can be attended after work and other easy-to-join social contribution activities through personal shopping. The site also introduces first hand stories about NYK Group staff actual experiences while volunteering.