Employee Engagement:Fairtrade

Fairtrade Certified Coffee

NYK has switched the coffee served inside its head office coffee shop since April 2016 to a brand carrying the International Fairtrade certification mark. *1

  1. *1International Fairtrade certification mark
    Fair trade is an initiative that aims to improve the living conditions of producers in developing nations. It attempts to achieve higher prices for producers, greater availability of financing for producers, longer-term and more sustainable buyer-seller relationships, the creation and/or maintenance of effective producer or worker organizations, improved social goods and community development, and the use of environmentally friendly production processes. Fairtrade works through a certification process that requires producers and suppliers to adhere to a set of requirements aiming to achieve Fairtrade's objectives. The Fairtrade label displayed on certified products informs consumers that the product was produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

Fairtrade Certified Ice Cream

NYK started selling Fairtrade certified Ice Cream "Ben & Jerry's" in May 2018. Ben & Jerry's source Fairtrade certified ingredients. (Sugar, Cocoa, Vanilla, Coffee, Banana)