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Corporate Governance

NYK continues to enhance corporate governance and to build and improve global, consolidated internal controls as part of its drive to become a company that maximizes long-term shareholders' value by improving the transparency of its management and earning the trust of its shareholders, investors, customer, suppliers, communities, group employees, and other stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Initiative

Highly transparent management to increase corporate value and shareholders' value [Details]

Corporate Governance Guidelines

Disclosure of detailed documents [Details]

Dialogue with Shareholders and Investors

Establishing credibility of our business activites through practice of prompt, accurate, and fair disclosure and IR activites [Details]

Internal Control System

Appropriate response based on applicable laws, ordinances, and rules [Details]

Strengthening of Compliance

Fostering a corporate culture that respects social morals and corporate ethics [Details]

Risk Management

Strengthening risk management systems for sustainable corporate development [Details]

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