Environmental Performance Data

Disclosing GHG data based on the GHG Protocol

NYK regularly receives an assurance statement from a third-party certifier confirming that NYK is reporting and disclosing accurate numerical values for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by NYK Group companies. This data is then used in calculations to confirm that NYK is meeting the framework of Scope 1, 2, and 3 of the GHG Protocol*1, a benchmark that NYK has achieved since 2012. NYK's certification was the first time in the maritime industry that data collection, calculation, and reporting had been confirmed by a third-party to be in line with Scope 3.

Scope1, 2 & 3 for NYK Group

Scope 1, 2, and 3 of GHG emissions in the NYK Group (FY2017)

[Unit: ton-CO2e]*2

Scope 1 Scope 2 Scope 3 Total
FY2016 Emissions 21,830,000 60,000 1,180,000 23,070,000
percentage 94.60% 0.30% 5.10% 100%
FY2017 Emissions 20,920,000 65,000 1,181,000 22,166,000
percentage 94.40% 0.30% 5.30% 100%
FY2018 Emissions
  1. *1GHG Protocol
    : International standards for accounting and reporting GHG emissions.
  2. *2CO2e
    : CO2 equivalent


NYK-Operated Container Terminals in Japan


Input indicates resources and energies we have used.

Obtaining Environmental Load Data from Domestic and Overseas Group Companies

Grasping the environmental burdens of energy consumption is a first step to reducing the burdens. We collect data on environmental burdens such as electricity usage, fuel consumption, industrial waste, and so on from domestic and overseas consolidated subsidiaries companies in an effort to comprehensively grasp the load situation throughout all our group companies and promote further reductions at the individual company level.
In fiscal 2017, we began using the Eco Track environmental load data collection/compilation system to obtain more efficient and accurate data.


To better visualize our global environmental performance, we started collecting environmental performance data in January 2007 from major domestic consolidated group companies. As of August 2018, we collect 18 kinds of environmental performance data from 47 companies and 244 locations.


In January 2008, we started collecting environmental performance data.
As of August 2018, 18 kinds of data, the same number being collected domestically, were being collected from 199 main overseas consolidated group workplaces. This network is not only a tool for collecting data but also a route for environmental communication. Moreover, we are continually working to improve the accuracy of all data.