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Liner Trade Business


Container Shipping

8600 teu container ship

Delivering tailored services using one of the world's largest marine transport networks

A variety of goods that are essential to our daily lives — including food, electrical appliances, and the like — are transported via containerships.

The global recession that began in 2008 caused worldwide container cargo movement to halve, but over the medium-to-long-term, a solid growth in demand in Asia and natural resource-rich countries, and the expansion of the global population, should cause the flow of goods to increase.

The NYK Group has made adjustments to utilize its containership fleet more efficiently and respond to surges in container-shipping demand through flexible vessel-procurement methods, among others. At the same time, NYK is making efforts to construct the largest service-route network in the world by being a part of alliances (cooperative organizations) with other shipping companies to respond to the diversifying needs of customers.

In fact, NYK is currently a member of both the GA Alliance and the G6 Alliance. The GA comprises NYK, Hapag-Lloyd, and Orient Overseas Container Line to cover the trade between Asia and the West Coast of North America, whereas the G6 includes the GA members in addition to Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, APL, and Hyundai Merchant Marine to cover the trade between Asia and Europe in addition to the trade between Asia and the East Coast of North America. Utilizing this large-scale transportation network, the NYK Group will continue to expand its shipping capacity, number of services, and number of calling ports in order to further increase the comprehensive strength of the NYK Group.

Furthermore, to address high fuel prices, the NYK Group has reduced vessel speeds and is encouraging efficient operations through use of an onboard broadband communication system.


Container Terminal in Los Angeles (Yusen Terminals Inc.)

Expanding container terminal network to support global logistics

Under expanding global economic trade, container terminals play an ever important role as a link between integrated land and sea transportation to ensure fluid global logistics.

The NYK Group provides its customers with terminal and stevedoring services for containerships, pure car carriers, and cruise ships at terminals in Japan, Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia. NYK's container terminals have enhanced terminal operating systems and equipment that allow for the loading and discharging of large numbers of containers transported on time, safely, accurately, and efficiently on mighty vessels. Moreover, in Japan eco-friendly operating equipment has been introduced to reduce CO2 emissions and air pollutants.